Hai guys! gue *eh maksudnya aku -_- hhe mau ngepost tentang quotes2 yg ada favim.com nih.. cekidot ;;)

girl, man, need, qote, want, women

apple, ipod, love, phrase, sweet

cute, katy perry, love, pink, teenage dream

advice, cute, design, graphic, graphic design, graphicdesign

cute, imiss-us, love, pretty, romance

black and white, girl, text

cute, imiss-us, love, pretty, romance

france, paris, text, typography

cute, imiss-us, love, pretty, romance

art, beautiful, cute, fashion, hot

cute, i miss, i miss us, imiss-us, love

broken heart, cute, funny, love, pain, painful

fearless, speak now, taylor swift

disney, disney princesses, expectations, fake, hair

broken heart, love, quote, quotes, text, words

justice, love, man, marriage, woman

barbie, girl, real

christmas, girly, keep calm, pink, pretty

b&w, life, optimism, poem, poetry

cute, imiss-us, love, pretty, romance

angst, black and white, cat, christmas, cute

care, disney, love, people, quote

korean, kpop, lyrics, quotes, shinee

girl, guy, love, loyal, trust, typography

feelings, love, money, text

asdfghjkllove, happy, heartit, image, love

cupcake, cute, keep calm, pink, quotes

amor, love, true, verdade

cute, heart races, love, saying

boyfriend, care, exboyfriend, exgirlfriend, girlfriend

boyfriend, care, exboyfriend, exgirlfriend, girlfriend

best friend, care what people think, pink, stripes, true friends

cute, fashion, girly, heart, photography, pink

lacy, pink, text, typography, undies

cool, mustache, pink

cute, happy, love, romance, sweet

being, fabulous, revenge, text, the best

love, lyric, pink, rihanna, song

..., concept, creative, funny, graphic, illustration

b.o.b, boy, cute, love, quote, text

boys, facts, have, inspire, justin bieber, love

cute, life, pink, quote

love, pink, quote, text, typography

always, beautiful, black, blog, damn

declaration, i love you, love, relationship, romance, stay

pink, shine, text, typography

beautiful, cute, girl, quote, quotes

black, carry on, fuck, goodbye, hahahahahaha

brunette, girls , meee, quote, stunning

amazing, believe, boy, brown, cartoon, charlie

beautiful, bruno mars, cool, demi lovato, funny

beautiful, itsjoescupcake, oh yes it means, skinny, text


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